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Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Warrington Wolves success can be a blueprint for other businesses

THE rise of Warrington Wolves, both as a sporting team and as a business entity has been quite dramatic over that last decade or so.
Their consistency on the pitch, coupled with investment in infrastructure has ensured that they have the appeal and through the Halliwell Jones Stadium the capacity, to draw and cater for an extensive fan-base.

A blueprint for rugby league facilities the creation of the stadium, despite any nostalgic feelings around moving from Wilderspool, represents the intent to grow the biggest club possible.

A shift from terraces to seating, the addition of added on-site leisure facilities, parking and good accessibility makes for a better crowd experience and so a stronger family appeal. The “From Wire 2 Wolves” display and DVD captures a huge shift in the operations, cultural context and business model of this historic entity.

The 130 year plus history of the club is a triumph, as few businesses manage to survive through so many ups and downs over such a period. It is the loyalty of the supporters which has ensured continuity. All businesses should learn from this lesson; build a brand that enough people love and the future should be assured.

Professor Lawrence Bellamy is Associate Dean at Warrington School of Management, University of Chester (Padgate Campus)

Friday, 25 April 2014

Warrington Businesses set to benefit from the International Festival of Business

THE International Festival of Business 2014 will be held in and around Liverpool during June and July.

The aim of this event is to boost international business opportunities and focus on regions of the world; China, India, USA, Asia, Europe and South America during different weeks.

Sector themes include Energy, Finance, Logistics, Manufacturing, Maritime, Creative and Digital Industries, Science, Technology, Research, Education and Enterprise.

The north west is well-recognised for these.

This will be a huge event, with 50 days of workshops, presentations, expert advice and networking activities to attend.

The City of Liverpool will be putting on an extensive cultural programme too, to showcase itself as a leading business and leisure destination.

So if your neighbour in the big house next door is having a party then you’d better make sure that you have an invite!

Warrington businesses are well-placed to benefit from the opportunities which this event will bring.

Energy, Manufacturing and Logistics industry clusters lead, not only in the region but also internationally.

Warrington businesses should not only be attending, but should be putting themselves forward within workshops, on stands, displays, volunteering their expertise and raising their profile with the international attendees.

Let’s make it IFB Warrington.

Professor Lawrence Bellamy is Associate Dean at Warrington School of Management, University of Chester (Padgate Campus)

Do you feel like your business needs a boost? 

Ignite Business Club is a unique initiative set up by Warrington School of Management to help local organisations access the extensive network of expertise available at the University.

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Thursday, 20 February 2014

Warrington's World Class Industry

Warrington's nuclear industry is world-class.

You can measure by expertise, key projects delivered, innovations produced, finances and demand.  When the Japanese Fukushima Nuclear plant disaster hit in 2011 Warrington firms were called.

The nuclear jobs market (with salaries typically at £35K plus for technical roles) indications the health of the sector. This industry has been built up through decades of research, training and project experience. However the success of the industry is not just about nuclear applications; the broader supply chain is also critical.

The Warrington area also has chemicals, petrochemicals, biotechnology, automotive and high tech manufacturing elements. These industries all need engineering, logistics, project management, process control, metrology, scientific research and many other specialist shared skills and expertise.

The supply chains of these clusters support each other and so when one declines the others can feel the impact. Nearby AstraZeneca and Hewlett-Packard (Birchwood) job losses mean a migration of expertise from the area, if employees cannot find jobs quickly locally. Success breeds success.

Warrington is part of the 'knowledge economy' and keeping the knowledge here is critical. So what can be done to make Warrington more attractive to investors?

Professor Lawrence Bellamy is Associate Dean at the Warrington School of Management, University of Chester Warrington (Padgate) Campus.


The Warrington School of Management is launching an exciting new business service that will include events and ‘Master Classes’ to help small and medium sized businesses grow. If you are interested in registering for more information, or would like to come to our launch event on Wednesday 26th March please send your details to Beth Morris at

Thursday, 18 April 2013

Warrington School of Management

Welcome to the Warrington School of Management
Our portfolio of undergraduate and postgraduate programmes has a strong international focus and is constantly being updated to offer students the best possible learning experience, shaped by the latest professional and research-based knowledge available.

We run a wide range of activities to support businesses in the North West region and have excellent links with industry and professional bodies. We also offer customised management development programmes to all.
Warrington School of Management also has a solid portfolio of Research and Knowledge Transfer Projects with a range of organisations. These projects are intended to give mutual benefits for students and the region’s business community by providing access to the University’s resources, knowledge and expertise. The majority of the School’s research is applied in a practical context and it is committed to constructing and improving sustainable relationships with external organisations and businesses. 
Whatever your study, training or research requirements may be, we look forward to welcoming you to Warrington School of Management.

This blog will feature articles from Professors, Senior Lecturers and members of the Business Faculty associated with the Warrington School of Management.

How to Contact
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Telephone: 01925 534 352
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